Director of photography / Camera operator


Some videos couldn t be showed in weeb page due to a rights, in case you would like to see some particular kind of works that you are looking for, then  I will be available to send you them if I have it. Some others they are on vimeo site: Raul Roda Blanco.

Cinema production company with whom I have worked for:


 Barcelona (Spain):


 Fiction, Docs.: Benecé, Minimal, Lavinia, La Cosa de las Peliculas, Iris Star, ...


Publicity:  Blur, Agosto , Palma Pictures, Iris Broucard, Albiñana, The Lift, ...


Brand Content, corporative: Nike, San Miguel,  Novartis, Almirall, Vodafone, Anuntis, ...



Sao Paulo (Brasil):


Fiction, documental and advertising: Ad Studio, Stink, Sentimental, Bossa Nova films, Vetor films, Dinamo.






T. material